Scott Family Amazeum


Scott Family Amazeum located in Bentonville, Arkansas is a place to amaze beyond imagination, explore to learn, and build curiosity with fun. They have an environment where children and adult equally enjoy and involve in lots of active play with creativity. There are two separate areas dedicated for kids of 2 years old and under so that they could play in a safe and secure environment and nourish their brain with the great variety of toys available. Other areas are mostly focused on elementary and middle school kids of age range 4 to 9 years. Children could enjoy and learn different areas of the STEAM that build up their imagination and creativity and cherish their curiosity and problem skills. These areas include 3M Tinkering Hub, Hershey’s Lab, Market by Walmart, Art Studio, Canopy Climber, General Mills Lift, Load & Haul, Nature Valley Water Amazements, Homestead Cabin & Farm, Nickelodeon Play Lab, and Outdoor Playscape. All areas are designed for strengthening and harbor different areas of interest in the kids. No matter what your age and interests are, you never can be bored there.


Whenever we visited Scott Family Amazeum, there is something new to explore every time. One thing I suggest you about Scott Family Amazeum that you should have plenty of time when you plan to enter “Amazeum” as this is a whole new world of amazement and excitement and kids never want to go home, really!


And you know, Scott Family Amazeum has “Priceless Nights” on Wednesdays from 4:00 – 7:30 PM CST where you can visit by pay as much you wish. Even, their charges are not so expensive if consider the quality of family time we get there. Admission price is $9.50 for guests ages 2 and over. Children under 2 are free to enter. And you can become a member for unlimited fun and adventure by membership starting from $95/year. For more information about membership, you can visit

Educational Games for 2-8 Year Olds



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