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Journey to improve fitness and health

As a family, I am constantly connecting with my kids by playing games with them. Usually, we play board games or tag that have a little bit running involved. One day, my son asked (read: challenged) me to race with him. I was like fine, let's see who win? I ran, tried to win but… Continue reading Journey to improve fitness and health

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Mother’s day gift ideas

Mother’s day is fast approaching and you may already decided how to celebrate this day with all mothers around you. Mothers are who should be celebrated each day of your life, as they sacrifice their life, 24/7 they are available no matter what day is! No free time, no off days. I believe that the… Continue reading Mother’s day gift ideas

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Healthy Lifestyle with Natural Products

As I told you in this blog post that I was selected to host "Healthy Baby Home Party" by Seventh Generation. They sent me free full size products and sample size products along with coupons and information booklets to distribute to the guests. One thing I trust about Seventh Generation that they are not hiding… Continue reading Healthy Lifestyle with Natural Products

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Hair Sanity

Hair Sanity is not just a shampoo and conditioner but it is a complete hair care system. It is a two parts system to make your hair soft, silky and manageable. No matter you worried about hair dandruff, itchiness, or rough and dry hair, this total care system provides your hair nourishment and makes them… Continue reading Hair Sanity

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Green and Clean

Who doesn't want to provide safe and clean environment for their children. Every family wants best of the best for their kids. But did you ever notice the ingredients in the daily use products. Yes, unfortunately, from laundry detergent to wipes and bath products to cleaning products all have ingredients that are toxic and unhealthy… Continue reading Green and Clean

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ClariSpray® Nasal Allergy Spray

Spring season has come. Blooming flowers and chirping birds make the morning very beautiful. But for many people like my family, Spring season comes with one more unpleasant thing that is allergy. Nasal congestion, running nose and sneezing made this beautiful morning routine worse and unproductive for them. I have found one very effective solution… Continue reading ClariSpray® Nasal Allergy Spray

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Lighting Science Sleepy Baby Biological LED Lamp

For healthy lifestyle, sleep is one of the important factor and good night sleep makes us productive whole day. With the busy lifestyle, many people specially parents are deprived of good night sleep. If you are blessed with baby or you are struggling with making toddler sleeping pattern, Lighting Science Sleepy Baby Biological LED Lamp… Continue reading Lighting Science Sleepy Baby Biological LED Lamp