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As I told you in this blog post that I was selected to host “Healthy Baby Home Party” by Seventh Generation. They sent me free full size products and sample size products along with coupons and information booklets to distribute to the guests.images

One thing I trust about Seventh Generation that they are not hiding ingredients and that they use natural ingredients in their products. After trying their products, this confidence increases more. I always want fresh and natural products in my table to eat for my family. Once I realized that cleaning products should be chemical free to avoid toxic and unhealthy atmosphere around you and your family then I would never bargain for products that could have toxic chemicals.


Also, hygiene products like baby wipes, diaper, sanitory pads etc are necessary things to have. There are natural alternatives to them but when you use disposable one, lack of knowledge about ingredients and their cons make the matter more complicated. I could not comprise on that as my family health is on stake.


Seventh generation provides large variety of products with green and clean products that are safe for your environment and your family. They made products that is plant based with no hidden chemicals and when I use their products, I see their quality at its best. Baby wipes are thick and soft with no fragrance and alcohol, Dish liquid are powerful yet toxic free, Laundary detergent makes clothes stain-free with no heavy chemicals and the list goes on and on. Do you use Seventh Generation products, which products have you used till now?download

Thrive Market

Thrive Market


  1. I love Seventh Generation products! There are very few natural companies that I trust but this is one of them! Their scents don’t trigger my allergies and the products all work really well!

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